But … WHY?!






But … WHY?!
It’s the most common reaction I get when I tell people that I am a firewalker. The answer to that question goes back to what happened after I walked across the hot coals for the first time—because that’s when everything changed.

I never intended to firewalk. I was attending a weekend retreat about money, and coincidentally, that teacher ends her retreats with a firewalk. Traveling to Alabama, I was ambivalent. I may, I may not. It wasn’t the reason I was attending.

By the end of the weekend, following all of the instruction on how to walk across the hot coals, I still didn’t know if I’d do it. That changed when I was there at the fire, facing the bed of hot coals. Connecting with my intuition, I felt ready, confident. So I walked. And then I walked again. And finally a third time. In the moment, I felt elated—I had done it!

But I soon discovered that a firewalk doesn’t end after the coals are doused. Because what happened for me next is the real reason to firewalk.

I went back to my life and found that something had changed. I had changed, and in particular, my relationship with fear had changed. Where I had been hesitant, I was bold. Where I had been procrastinating, I took action and followed through. Where I had been scattered, I had focus. Consequently, my level of happiness and joy increased, and I had a feeling of gaining incredible momentum in my life and career. What I’d thought was ‘real’ wasn’t necessarily so. Things that had previously seemed impossible suddenly became possible, believable, even effortless.

Even though I had been doing personal growth work my entire life, and it had been my career for decades, this experience had been remarkable. It went beyond theory to physical integration. That transformation is what makes firewalking different.

When I realized the powerful transformation that had occurred in my life, I decided to become a firewalking instructor. So that other people could be empowered in the same way I had been. Life has not been the same for me ever since. I am freed from my fears, and I want others to experience this freedom in their lives.

Every time I firewalk it’s different. I never truly know if I’ll choose to walk, and each time, the lessons of the fire are unique. I always learn something important. For that I am truly grateful … and that’s why.

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