The Four-legged Table












“A table supported by three legs is more vulnerable than one held aloft by four. The three-legged table is vulnerable; likely to be tipped over by a bump. While its four-legged counterpart, though jostled, will likely remain upright. As it is with tables, so it is with people. The challenge with having all four legs simultaneously present, alive, committed and engaged—the individual, the teacher, the teachings, the community—is that you eliminate the exit to your smallness. You are called to stay present when things become awkward or icky. The reward is that these four legs are solid and will hold you when the going gets tough. These four legs encourage growth. Support your purpose—in service to yourself and others. Providing the opportunity to see yourself more clearly (though you may not always like what you see). If you can look at these four legs with love, compassion and gratitude, inevitably you will see yourself, your path, your essence—more clearly. You will know yourself.”

—Kerry Cudmore, “REFLECTION”

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