My name is Kerry Cudmore. Professionally, I am a Certified Professional Life & Business Coach, Master Empowerment Leader & Firewalking Instructor, founder of the Spiritual Finance Initiative, and creator of Curious Wisdom. (I am in love with my work, and if it weren’t for hiatus three months a year, the concept of balance, and the ability for anyone to live with me—including myself—would be impossible.) More info here: KerryCudmore.com

Personally, I’m wildly introverted, metaphysically-motivated/obsessed, devoted/annoying to phenomenal people and creatures—including Pepper the African Gray parrot (who is probably swearing in my own voice at this very moment) Jack the Old World Jersey cow (who is very comfortable in his role as Sacred-Cow-In-Residence and must be tended to accordingly) and Baxter the Coonhound (who is the most adoring creature ever, and is likely snoring beneath my office chair)—and ridiculously committed to creating a fully-realized experience of mischievous aliveness.

Life is intrinsically magical. In this blog I’ll attempt to explore the random weavings of that expression in this one life’s journey … and we’ll see how far that gets us.

Happy day,

p.s. Commenting? I probably won’t open it up. Posts? Likely to drop off into the void at any moment. Impermanence—it’s a thing …

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